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Tadao Stock Board
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Legend Tadao Stock Board Features

  • Includes 6 fire modes: uncapped semi-auto, adjustable semi-auto, PSP ramping, PSP burst, Millennium ramping, and NXL full-automatic
  • Fully compatible with the 2008 marker rules for the PSP and Millennium series
  • Adjustable ABS programming prevents first shot drop-off
  • AMB (anti-mechanical bounce) and CPF (cycle percentage filter) algorithms help to eliminate mechanical bounce and switch bounce
  • Power efficient software and hardware lengthens battery life
  • Programming mode allows changes to debounce, dwell, loader delay, AMB, ABS dwell, fire mode, fire mode max rate of fire, eye mode, CPF, and bolt delay
  • All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so they are not lost when battery is disconnected
  • One-touch startup enables the marker to fire instantly
  • Automatic 15-minute idle power down saves batteries
  • 2 eye modes: delayed and forced with force shot
  • Low battery indicator hardware and software shows battery level each time the marker is turned on

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